About Us

A highly skilled, dynamic team with a passionate yet strategic approach to branding, built on communication and logic to achieve results

Working with Clients

Krome Design works very closely with all clients. We review their business model, brand, sector and target demographic, helping them understand the potential of targeted brand design.

This in depth research also ensures the work we undertake is highly targeted which, in turn, maximises their results and return on investment.


Our planning is meticulously documented and shared with clients in the cloud; allowing easy collaboration and transparency at all times.


Projects are broken down into logical phases, each phase having it’s own completion date and sign-off process. This ensures projects are delivered on time, to budget and that clients retain maximum control at all times.


We work closely with clients to track project results, whether it be leads resulting from literature distribution, or an online presence.

Building Ongoing Relationships

Brand building requires a commitment to ongoing development. We understand the importance of building lasting, ongoing relationships and are driven to help clients achieve the strongest possible brand and position within their market place.