Brand Logo Design for bdConsulting and Moveo

By mslightam, 10 October, 2012

Brand logo design bdConsulting & Moveo

Brand logo design for bdConsulting & Moveo

Krome design has recently finished a branding process for bdConsulting and Moveo; who provide technical and products training to leading banks and financial institutions, along with personal training and profiling courses.

Whilst each company works within its own market sector – and therefore required a brand which worked well in its respective brand space – they were still keen to keep overall  brand consistency. When moving  between the two company websites it had to be obvious that they were part of the same, top level, organisation.

With that in mind, to fit into the banking and financial sector, we created a corporate styled logo for bdConsulting, and a freer, more flowing logo, to work within the personal training sector. Both share the same colour pallet and overall design feel to help tie the two together.

The Moveo brand also incorporates a supporting spiral illustration which reflects the M shape; in many cultures the spiral is associated with birth, growth and rebirth, and considered to represent the evolutionary process of learning and growing.

We then pulled the concept of symbolic shapes and imagery through into the brand design of both bdConsulting and Moveo, building up a photographic library of images that symbolise growth, evolution and learning that can then be used in their online and printed media. Each image has its own supporting story explaining how they tie in, many of which are focused towards china, and the far east, to reflect the fact that bdConsulting and Moveo are based in Hong kong.

About the Author

Matt Slightam, Creative Director at Krome Design, has over 15 years’ experience in branding, graphic design and the web design industry. His ethos is for clean, simple and concise GUI design, always with an eye towards ease of use. He has a passion for brand building and a love for illustration, as with most of the Krome Design team he also believes firmly in the importance of a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.

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