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Our bespoke illustrations offer the finishing touch to any brand or design, helping to give your design work a more individual look and feel than can be offered merely by use of typography and photographic imagery.

We use illustrations within our brand design, as part of a logotype for example, to support and compliment brand design work. An illustration can be designed to represent whatever message you are trying to convey and can be simpler and cleaner than attempting to put across your design message through photography.

How we use Illustration

Illustration Website Design Puro
Illustration Design White Paper Cloudsoft
Illustration Design White Paper Cloudsoft

How we Incorporate Illustration within our Design

Our illustration work has been used to good effect within many brands. One example is the fair trade coffee brand Puro, who have an illustrated coffee picker used throughout their branding and jungle illustrations which are used on their web site and within their printed literature.

Another interesting example of our illustration work is a series of illustrations we created for Cloudsoft Corporation which depicts bridges bridging into the cloud to help promote their cloud based applications brand, and its sub product brands.

Illustration work can be quite time intensive, however once you have a base illustration or group of illustrations for your brand they can be very versatile and useful across all of your brand design elements, from stationery to printed literature to online.

Whatever your requirements for illustration, whether creatively for a logo, as an element of interest within design literature, or as support to a more technical document illustrating a product, we can help you.


Illustration Case Study

Illustration Website Design Surrey Biodiversity Partnership
Illustration Website Design Surrey Biodiversity Partnership
Illustration Website Design Surrey Biodiversity Partnership
Illustration Website Design Surrey Biodiversity Partnership
Illustration Website Design Surrey Biodiversity Partnership

Surrey Biodiversity Partnership Website Illustration Case Study

We helped the Surrey Biodiversity Partnership who are housed with the Surrey Wildlife Trust create a new brand to help promote the biodiversity of Surrey. As well as providing brand design for the Surrey Biodiversity Trust we also provided web design services and skinned their XWiki CMS (content management system) driven web site around the new brand.

We designed their Wiki to be based around a walk around the Surrey countryside, creating a series of illustrations which depict a number of different biodiversity types within Surrey. These illustrations are used within the sections of the web site as backgrounds and convey the typical biodiversity types, both in reference to plants and animals which you may encounter during a walk around the Surrey countryside. The web site structure has also been styled with an illustration of an oak which is typical to Surrey.

Thanks for the lovely backgrounds for the website. I’ve just done the first 2 days of training for my partners, teaching them how to use the site. The more observant made lots of impressed noises about your lovely illustrations – the highland cow was much admired and they liked the country walk idea.

Sue Webber – Surrey Biodiversity Trust