Case Study Template Design for Cloudsoft

By rpullen, 3 March, 2013

Case Study Design Template Cloudsoft
Case Study Design Template Cloudsoft

Krome Design has designed and built a new case study template for Cloudsoft Corporation to use within presentations, and to email to prospective clients.

The case study progresses their current branding; pulling it to a slightly clearer, crisper style, which is now being carried through into other elements such as their exhibition stand design. It may, in future, also be pulled into their website, apps, and other printed literature.

About the Author

Rachel Pullen, Head of Business Development at Krome Design, has focused on branding, PR and marketing for the past ten years. She has a love of communication through art, and both the written and spoken word. Combined with her creative eye and analytical nature, this enables her to identify brand strengths, and project them in an easy to digest and visually appealing way.

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