Folder & Wallet Design

Folders and wallets in conjunction with datasheets and other materials can be an excellent, versatile and cost effective alternative to a corporate brochure. Your folder design can convey your brand and impart the core information relating to your business. This can then be subsequently expanded upon by further information inserted into the folder in the form of data sheets, white papers etc.

When your products or services change you can simply replace the material inserted into the folder rather than redesign and reprint a brochure which can work out far more cost effectively. Sending out a folder also allows you to tailor the materials within the folder to the client who will be receiving them rather than providing information which may not be of interest to that particular client.

Our folder designs are bespoke to your requirements and often include pockets for holding data sheets, business card slots and your choice of gusset size (this denotes the capacity of the spine of your folder in mm). They can also include extra pages added to the folder allowing you to add a little more information about your core business.