Product & Data Sheet Design

Data sheets and product sheets are an excellent and cost effective solution for presenting your products and services to your clients. Over time they allow you to create a family of sheets outlining individual products or services which can be handed out to your client’s dependent upon their exact needs and requirements. The main benefits of this are that you’re only sending clients information which is relevant to them and that you only have to pay for reprinting materials which are used. It also allows you to judge which of your services and products are most popular.

Although data sheets and product sheets don’t have the same visual impact as a brochure they are more cost effective to produce and quicker to update. Many businesses also choose to give them a little more visual impact by sending them out contained in a branded folder or wallet.

All our brochure and product sheet designs are supplied in commercial print quality and as optimised PDF’s perfect for using on your web site or sending out via e-mail.

Krome Design realise that often your sales or marketing staff need to make a quick change to a sheet to send it out to a client. They may not have the time to get the artwork updated by a design agency or want to spend the budget. With this in mind we can also supply your data sheets in Word format allowing you to update their content yourselves, print to PDF and e-mail it to a client or upload it to your web site. If necessary we can also take PDFs outputted for word and prepare them for commercial print.