Responsive Website Design for AgriWise

By rpullen, 8 August, 2013

Custom WordPress Responsive Theme Website Design for AgriWiseAgriWise provide applications to help streamline agricultural processes. Krome Design has provided brand design services, application design elements, PowerPoint design templates and, to further strengthen their brand portfolio, has recently designed and built their new website.

The site is part of a family of sites created for their parent brand MOit, which includes HDi and AgriWise. It pulls through their strong, clean brand; combining striking agricultural themed illustrative elements with a concise structure and intuitive functionality.

Built around a responsive theme, it scales to accommodate smaller resolutions; perfect not only for browsing on desktops, but also for smaller devices such as iPad and mobile phones. By using WordPress as a basis for the site it also enables them to easily edit all of the content whilst ensuring that it is optimised for referencing and performance in the search engines (SERPs).

[Visit the HDI Website]

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Rachel Pullen, Head of Business Development at Krome Design, has focused on branding, PR and marketing for the past ten years. She has a love of communication through art, and both the written and spoken word. Combined with her creative eye and analytical nature, this enables her to identify brand strengths, and project them in an easy to digest and visually appealing way.

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