Responsive Website Design for MOit

By rpullen, 29 October, 2013

Krome Design has recently added to their portfolio of responsive website designs with the completion of the MOit website.

MOit is the parent company of HDI and AgriWise and provide data analysis to a cross section of industries. They tailor make software solutions and deploy hardware to capture data from remote locations; organising and analysing these data to provide immediately available on-line reporting.

Krome Design has worked closely with MOit over the past year, providing a holistic approach to all three companies’ business needs including responsive website design and build services, brand logo design and PowerPoint templates.

This close professional relationship combined with our knowledge of their company offering and industry sector enabled us to create brand logos that resonated with their target audience and were pertinent to their products. These individual designs were then pulled through their respective websites and other brand elements to achieve a distinct yet coherent look and feel across the group.

Visit the MOit website.

About the Author

Rachel Pullen, Head of Business Development at Krome Design, has focused on branding, PR and marketing for the past ten years. She has a love of communication through art, and both the written and spoken word. Combined with her creative eye and analytical nature, this enables her to identify brand strengths, and project them in an easy to digest and visually appealing way.

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