SEO Guide Part 3: Providing & Writing High Quality Content

By mslightam, 1 October, 2011

Make Your Web Site Useful!

This sounds obvious, however it is where many web sites fall down. It is vitally important if you are interested in attracting traffic to your site through the search engines to give people a good reason to both visit your web site and to add links to your web site from their web sites. The only way to do this is to give them a good reason to visit or link, a resource of useful content based upon you companies field of expertise is one of the best ways to do this. For instance if your company provides wedding photography you could provide a resource that helps someone plan their wedding, recommends the caterers, venues, transport companies etc.

By providing content that is useful you will increase your traffic by word of mouth ‘I got married recently, try going to this site it was very helpful and they are great wedding photographers too!’ You will also bring in visitors via web sites that are in your realm of business linking to you as a source of reference ‘click here for more information on wedding planning’. Other sites linking into yours as a source of reference (inbound links) will also increase your ranking (page rank) in the search engines meaning that you will achieve higher rankings in searches for your field of business.

Writing Content that Targets Key Phrases or Search Terms

A key phase or search term is what a search engine user types into a search engine when they are searching on a specific subject.  For instance if you are searching for a wedding photographer in London you would most likely type in ‘wedding photography London’ or ‘wedding photographer London’. It is important when building and writing content for your site to think carefully about what terms search engine users may be using in order to find a business that offers your services and tailor the content on your site to target these terms.

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