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Bespoke Responsive WordPress Website Design for Pegasus Finance

30 July, 2014. mslightam.

Following the provision of brand consultancy, website design and build services for The Car Loan Warehouse, Krome Design was asked…  Read More

Bespoke Responsive WordPress Website Design for The Car Loan Warehouse

7 July, 2014. mslightam.

Krome Design was recently approached by existing client, The Car Loan Warehouse, to re-visit their website and provide a more…  Read More

Krome Design Offers Website Maintenance

9 July, 2013. rpullen.

Just like us all, websites need a little attention to keep them looking good and functioning at their best. It’s…  Read More

WordPress School Website Design

20 April, 2013. rpullen.

We’ve just launched a WordPress website for Ongar Place Primary school; Ongar Place was established in 1964 and provides primary…  Read More

Website Design for the Car Loan Warehouse

18 December, 2012. mslightam.

Krome Design is pleased to announce that we have just launched a new website for the Car Loan Warehouse; providers…  Read More

Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation

18 May, 2012. mslightam.

With the ever-advancing march of social media, its effect on sites and their positioning in the search engines is becoming…  Read More

SEO Guide Part 4: Building Your Web Site and its Pages to Maximise its Visibility to the Search Engines

4 October, 2011. mslightam.

The best content and page rank in the world won’t do you any good in the search engine rankings if…  Read More

SEO Guide Part 3: Providing & Writing High Quality Content

1 October, 2011. mslightam.

Make Your Web Site Useful! This sounds obvious, however it is where many web sites fall down. It is vitally…  Read More

SEO Guide Part 2: ‘White Hat’ Search Engine Optimisation for Web Site Content

4 September, 2011. mslightam.

‘White Hat’ Search engine optimisation refers to optimising the content of a web site to be both useful to the…  Read More

SEO Guide Part 1: How Search Engines Rank your Web Site Pages ‘Page Rank’

1 September, 2011. mslightam.

It is important when optimising a web site with the search engines in mind to have an understanding of page…  Read More

SEO Guide Coming Soon

16 July, 2011. mslightam.

Despite what some SEO companies might have you think SEO isn’t actually rocket science. In fact anyone with a decent…  Read More