Website Design for HFM Columbus

By mslightam, 7 August, 2012

HFM Columbus Website Homepage Design

HFM Columbus Website Homepage Design

We’re pleased to announce that Krome Design has now launched the new HFM Columbus website. HFM provides financial planning and asset management services in the UK to large organisations and well established individuals.

As covered in our preview news post, HFM’s brief was to provide a site which sat comfortably within their brand sector, and also reflected the individuality and vibrancy of their organisation. We worked closely with their senior management to ensure that this was the case and they were delighted with the end result.

[Visit the HFM Website]

“We especially liked the contemporary feel of Krome’s website designs, combined with the technical expertise necessary to build a practical, fast loading site that would be a pleasure to view. Our business is complex, so it was a pleasure to work with a company with the patience to understand us, who could present what we do with clarity and style. It has been a pleasure to create our new site with Krome Design, and it is something we are very proud of.”

Jacqueline Hoyland – Director HFM Columbus

About the Author

Matt Slightam, Creative Director at Krome Design, has over 15 years’ experience in branding, graphic design and the web design industry. His ethos is for clean, simple and concise GUI design, always with an eye towards ease of use. He has a passion for brand building and a love for illustration, as with most of the Krome Design team he also believes firmly in the importance of a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.