Corporate Website Design

Krome Design specialises in corporate website design, working within the brand guidelines of large organisations to ensure their websites are tailored to their exact requirements. All of our work is produced in-house by a dedicated team who believe in building strong, long lasting relationships.

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USPs & Benefits:

  • Design & Branding agency – not solely web. Our experience covers a broad spectrum enabling us to provide appropriate solutions, within your brand guidelines
  • Providing bespoke product / service – not ‘off the shelf’ products. Tailored to suit client’s needs
  • Holistic approach – review and address all elements during consultation and implementation
  • Work carried out in-house (UK based) – not out-sourced
  • Committed to building close working relationships with clients – gain full understanding of business’ offering, to provide long term solutions
  • Experienced and dedicated point of contact – you will deal directly with a senior member of our design team
  • Cost focused – cost efficient processes and solutions for better ROI
  • Results driven – increase web traffic, contacts, sales leads


Our Design Process

Design Process:

  • Company & Brand Overview – establish product / service offering; to ensure site design fits and builds upon the brand identity and both functionality and content best serve the company’s requirements
  • Search Engine Analysis (SEO) & Recommendations – establish pertinent key words, phrases and search terms, inbound links and social media, how best to integrate these to improve referencing and performance in search engine’s results pages (SERPs) and provide ongoing and sustainable increase in web traffic
  • Site Structure Analysis & Recommendations Including Mind Map – establish pertinent content and its placement through the site and how to best structure the business model online; providing clarity and cost efficiency to design process, improving user experience, funnelling , conversion rates and results in SERP’s
  • Wire Frame Designs – design bespoke frameworks for each unique page showing structure and content weighting; providing a clear site overview pre graphical design stage to avoid costly changes later on
  • Graphical Designs – design final artwork for every unique page, to include colour, styling up of elements, placement of text and image based elements i.e. headings, menus, banner and gallery; to provide comprehensive visual designs for client to sign off and site builder to reference
  • Build – translate graphical designs and build the site, providing an initial development (dev) site enabling propagation of content prior to going live / launch




Krome Design offers bespoke hosting services based around the latest technologies. We also provide an experienced IT support network to promptly answer any queries.

  • Microsoft IIS 8, PHP & ASP enabled – ensuring maximum compatibility for any future components you may want to add to your site.
  • Server storage – all server data is stored on a fully replicated SAN.
  • N+1 data centre – the server is housed at a N+1 data centre, this denotes that there is at least +1 of all components for back up.
  • Guaranteed up time of 99.999% – (Industry-wide known as the 5 nines of uptime)
  • Virtualised Blades – the server runs in a virtual environment giving excellent redundancy. Should the server go down it automatically restarts a copy of itself on the blade. If the blade were to go down the entire server would restart on another blade. This gives unparalleled reliability.
  • Hosting exclusively available for sites we have built – we know the quality of sites to limit any security risk
  • Dedicated server setup if required – your site can be hosted on your own dedicated virtual server