Custom MailChimp Template Design for Miko CoffeeCustom Email Template Design for MailChimp, Campaign Monitor & AWeber

Email campaigns are an excellent tool to incorporate into your marketing strategy. They should not only be seen as an additional way to engage with existing and potential customers but also an effective return on investment.

Their many benefits include:

  • reducing the cost of traditional methods of contact e.g. postal campaigns
  • enabling you to target specific user groups
  • the ability to personalise your campaigns
  • the ability to track user engagement
  • driving traffic to your website
  • the ability to send real-time messages
  • being more ecologically friendly

Managed Email Marketing Campaign Services

Krome Design offers managed email marketing campaign services for all of the main email marketing service providers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and AWeber to include:

  • custom email template design & testing (for all major web clients and spam filters)
  • copywriting services
  • the integration of sign-up forms into your website which enable automatic collection of sign-ups for your email lists
  • sending out the emails to your mailing lists
  • reports on such things as email opens and click-throughs

If you would prefer to manage the process yourself, we can design and build email templates which allow you to create your own email marketing campaigns. These enable you to add repeatable areas of content that you can populate yourself and email out via the service provider of your choice.