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What is an Intranet and Extranet?

An intranet is essentially a secured private network held within your organisation, most commonly in the form of a website for the dissemination of information and technical resources. Typically it may provide access for your employees to useful features; such as a company calendar, latest news, latest events, ongoing projects, access to file resources such as document, brand and image libraries and other interactive features such as a company wiki, message board / forum, blogs and surveys.

An extranet can be viewed on as a part of your intranet that is extended for use to those outside of your company; such as vendors, suppliers, partners, customers, press etc. It can be used for the distribution of data and resources you would wish them to be able to access and can be reached either in the form of a website or may appear as a section of your main intranet site.

Typical Functionality

Typical Intranet & Extranet Functionality:

  • News &  Announcements
  • Company Calendar / User Calendar
  • Integration with Outlook (calendar, contacts, inbox, mail and tasks – SharePoint only)
  • Image Library, Document Library, Brand Library (automatically integrated into your servers filing system – SharePoint only)
  • Useful Contacts
  • Useful Links
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Wiki
  • Blogs
  • Message Board / Forum
  • Surveys
  • RSS Feeds
  • Integrated Social Media (Tweets etc)
  • Search Functionality to cover all of the above content (SharePoint only, this can be filtered to focus search results)


How can we Help?

How can we Help?

Krome Design can help you whatever your intranet or extranet requirements. We have a dedicated team with extensive bespoke web application programming experience, who have designed intranet / extranet applications for companies including Giles Insurance and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Our intranets can be tailored to your budget and, depending upon your requirements, can be based on smaller web based content management systems such as WordPress, or more fully featured applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, offering full integration with your existing Microsoft applications and servers.


Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet / Extranet (WSS & MOSS)

Microsoft SharePoint is the perfect platform with which to build most organisation’s intranets and extranets. It encompasses a collection of web browser based components, not only giving you access to process management and document management, but also a huge selection of in-built components. It provides all the functionality outlined in our intranet overview and a fully integrated search to help you find exactly what your looking for in any of the content held on your intranet as quickly as possible.

Unlike other intranet platforms, it is designed specifically to be completely integrated into your current Microsoft applications – such as office – giving you access to your calendar, contacts, inbox, mail and tasks. It works seamlessly with your Microsoft server’s current document and user security setup, helping to save time and costs on implementation.

A Typical Intranet Task Made Easy with SharePoint:

The site user wishes to create a new document for the document library based upon a predefined template already put in place by the marketing department:

  • The user browses the document library, or searches for the type and title of the document template.
  • Upon finding the Word document template the user selects to open it and SharePoint automatically opens the document directly into Word ready for editing. SharePoint asks for their user name and password and, based upon the privileges, either gives full access to it (which would allow them to modify its look and feel and save the template again – perfect for admin / marketing) or opens a read only version; which would allow them to create a new document based upon it as a template and save it.
  • After creating the new document the user saves it directly back into the document library on the server (where it will be integrated into the intranet and can be found in the document library or via search). SharePoint makes a note of who last edited the document, and when, so that version can be kept fully up to date.
  • The user exits Word and is automatically put back into SharePoint to continue work.

By working in this manner the user doesn’t had to download a version of the document to their computer, edit it, then upload it again. This has the advantage of insuring the latest version of any document is always stored on the intranet and available to all employees.

Should you have specific requirements which are outside of our intranet functionality list SharePoint has an excellent user community which may already have written and released a component which meets your requirements which we can then integrate. Alternatively, our in house coding team can write you a custom component to meet your exact requirements.


Intranet Case Study

Giles Insurance Intranet
Giles Insurance Intranet
Gile Insurance Intranet

Giles Insurance SharePoint Intranet

Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the top independent insurance brokers in the UK. The group employs more than 1000 employees and places in excess of £300 million premium annually.

Giles contacted Krome Design to give assistance and advice in building their corporate intranet. A number of options were explored, including WordPress, before Giles finally settled with SharePoint; they felt this offered the best out-of-the-box feature set and integration with their current Microsoft server setup and user database.

We provided a custom built SharePoint theme, matching and enhancing the designs provided by their own brand design agency, balancing their own design direction with the functional requirements of a SharePoint build. We also delivered many custom built components to add to the base functionality delivered by the standard SharePoint installation.

We were very happy with the SharePoint work provided by Krome Design and would readily recommend their services. Their staff were extremely responsive to requests and able to meet tight and changing deadlines. They advised us of the capabilities of the product and helped us create a custom template matching the designs, along with custom SharePoint components to extend the out-of-the-box functionality of the product and meet our exact requirements. We now have an intranet that we are very happy with and that fulfills all our needs and expectations.


Richard Rubie-Todd – Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd