Rings Photo Manipulation
Rings Photo Manipulation
Photo Manipulation Rings Before

Photo manipulation before shot: for ring image. Due to a very tight shooting deadline a prototype ring had to be used so quality of the initial product was low – at this scale any imperfection is magnified meaning that the shot couldn’t be used for large format print.

Photo Manipulation Rings After

After shot: shows how any imperfections were cleaned off the stone and the metal of the ring was cleaned and smoothed. This shot was then high enough quality to be used for large format print.

Rings Photo Manipulation
Puro Cino Photographic Mock-Up
Puro Cino Photographic Mock-Up Before

Photo manipulation before shot: Miko already had a product shot of their Cino machine for a forthcoming brochure, however they required a Puro branded version of the shot but didn’t want the expense of a reshoot.

Puro Cino Photographic Mock-Up After

After shot: We took the original shot and comped on a new design using the Puro brand, complete with the correct supporting logos and adding reflections, shadow and the correct perspective to insure it looked like the real thing.

Rings Photo Manipulation
Sunflower Kitchen Photographic Mock-Up
Sunflower Kitchen Photographic Mock-Up Before

Photographic Mock-Up before shot: drinks trailer for Sunflower kitchen who were considering rebranding their van with the Puro brand.

Sunflower Kitchen Photographic Mock-Up After

After shot: show branding in place to help visualise how it would work with the brand and give direction for the sign writer should they go ahead.


Photo Manipulation & Image Retouching

With the advent of digital photography, more and more companies are choosing to reduce costs by taking photos for their own media and web sites, or sourcing photos from digital media libraries. Although it is easy to take a digital photo and cost effective to source one from a library you often find that the image you end up with could still do with a little fine tuning to prepare it for print or web use.

With this in mind we offer photo manipulation and image retouching services to add the finishing touch to photographic imagery, whether it is cleaning up an old image which looks flat and lacks colour, touching out elements you would rather were not there, or even adding elements you wish were there, we can help.

If you’re unsure if the image you possess is of a high enough resolution and quality for commercial print we can advise upon this and if not have specialist software which can help to increase the resolution and quality of your images.

Photographic Mock-ups

As part of our photo manipulation and image retouching service, we offer the facility to produce photographic mock-ups. A typical scenario for this would be taking an image of a product or products which have no branding and comping in your logo and other branding elements to give it the appearance of a finished product using your brand. This is especially useful for getting a good idea of how the end product might look before the financial outlay of going to a printer or sign writer.