Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All the websites built by Krome Design are optimised for referencing and performance in the search engines. We analyse the positioning of your business within its market place, along with the search terms and key phrases targeted by your competitors, to ensure that your website’s own search engine related content is best positioned for competitive performance. In this way we ensure an on-going and sustainable increase in your website traffic.

In addition to advising on which search terms and key phrases to target, we recommend how to integrate these into your site. This not only includes the best way to draft content, but also to ensure that all the website’s back end elements are correctly set up to further enforce SEO. All the content management systems Krome Design recommends use search engine friendly URLs and allow custom meta keywords, description, and title for all your site’s pages; giving you maximum control of your website’s SEO.

We will also advise you on the best way to improve your site’s ranking going forwards. One excellent way to do this is by encouraging inbound links from other websites, forums and blogs by providing a useful resource related to your business offering. Inbound links from other websites are viewed upon as recommendations by the search engines and will increase the rank and positioning of your website over time. This is far more sustainable and stable than swapping links (which the search engines place less importance on) or paying for online advertising.

Should you wish to give your traffic an extra boost initially we can also advise on the best use of advertising revenue and placement of advertising in the search engines such as Google Adwords.

We also supply monthly reports to our clients based upon web stastics gathered from Google Analytics and recommend the best way to move your site forwards.